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Cesaria Evora

April, the 19th – the 24th 2006 | Samara, Kazan and Ekaterinburg

«If I’d known young people could die, I’d never have loved anyone,» proclaims Cesaria Evora in one of her most famous songs. The Cape Verdean star, hailed as one of the most influential black voices in the world, has enjoyed a truly exceptional destiny, rising from rags to riches in the course of her long and chequered career. The singer, whom close friends and family call «Cize», is better known to millions of music fans around the world as the «Barefoot Diva» because of her penchant for appearing barefoot on stage.

RusFil Concert Agency had pleasure to work with Cesaria Evora and her team. For the first time in her career Ms. Evora performed in Samara, Kazan and Ekaterinburg. The three shows went with huge success in each city with tremendous response from the audience.

We met Cesaria and her personal assistant Juliet two days before the show in Samara. We have immediately felt at ease and really comfortable in Cesaria?s company… she radiates some special light and warms and creates incredible aura around her. I must say in each city we tried to greet her in a special traditional way.

Thus in Samara a popular folk group welcomed Cesaria with traditional Russian dancing and a freshly cooked cottage loaf.

On the 20th of April, the day of the show people started to crowd in front of MTL Arena long before the show started. The venue was quickly filled with anxious fans and as soon as Cesaria stepped on stage exploded with tremendous applause. Cesaria was singing in her special manner just standing still not showing too much of emotion…but her magical voice hit the target and soon people started standing up from their seats singing along all Cesaria?s famous songs…The whole venue were on their feet when the band started Sangue De Beirona…

The next morning we headed to Kazan. As we arrived at the hotel we were again welcomed by Tartar folk group. In Kazan we had a day of rest and spent it exploring that beautiful city.

The show took place in one of the best venues in the city — Pyramid. The sound check went without any problems. And even though the audience was a bit more difficult then in Samara, the show went with a big success.

At 4 a.m. on the 24th of April we arrived in Ekaterinburg. We could feel the excitement of the coming show from the start. The next day the hall at the Atrium Hotel was crowded with journalists willing to see and speak to the world music star. Cesaria was in a very good mood and was eagerly answering all the questions. Partly because Ekaterinburg journalists found out about Cesaria?s passion for local t-shirts and presented her with a great number of different kinds. The concert hall Kosmos where we had the show was packed with people and atmosphere was very festive. The musicians were giving their all to the audience and without a doubt were given the same feedback. After 1 hour and a half Ceasira with her band were still on stage because people simply wouldn?t let them leave…

It was great pleasure to work with Ceasria and her crew and we hope there will be more shows with this really outstanding Queen of morna to come in the future.

Russia, Samara, 6th proseka St. 129.
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