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Megafon Tour

1st - 3 October, 2004 | Toyatti, Ulyanovsk, Penza, Saratov.

On the first weekend of October "Russian Philharmonics" organized a special tour for "Megafon", one of the leading cellular operators in Russia. The tour around four cities of the Volga region was dedicated to a two million's customer of Megafon.

The concerts of a dance-trio "Reflex" (Tolyatti, Ulyanovsk) and the Star Factory 2 (Saratov, Penza) were a nice present for the residents of the cities. In all four cities the aero designers of "Russian Philharmonics" decorated all centers of Megafon where the artists had press conferences with the balloons of the corporate colors. The venues were also decorated with balloons' garlands.

Security and order was maintained by the guards of "Russian Philharmonics - Security" free enterprise and due to their complete professionalism all four events were carried out without any distress.

And of course, the multi-leveled fireworks served as a fabulous climax of the shows in each city.

In Tolyatti and Ulyanovsk all comers could enjoy the performance of the dance trio "Reflex" who had just flown from Berlin where the Artistes had presented their new album. During the press conference the Artists answered all the questions of the reporters, made pictures and gave autographs to all their fans.

The trio delighted the audience with their old mega hits and new lyric things.

In Saratov, where Star Factory 2 was performing, the weather was about to spoil the effect: it was pouring cats and dogs! Nevertheless the main Square of the city was packed with people.

The audience with a bang greeted their favorite Artistes: Pier Nartsis, Evgeniya Rasskazova, Julia Savicheva and other graduates of the Star Factory2.

Megafon with the help of "Russian Philharmonics" presented the guests with spectacular shows and great emotional input.

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