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Sweet tour 2005

October, the3d - the 12th | Russia

I am pleased to say that the Russian tour with Andy Scott's Sweet has been successfully completed.

We have traveled all the way to Vladivostok from Moscow and then moved through all Russia up to Ufa. The audience at each show was very welcoming and its reaction was tremendous. I must compliment on the band as they were dealing with Russian reality with all the optimism. The Sweet have only played in Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia before this tour and of course life there is very similar to what the band was used to in Europe. It was quite an experience for the western musicians to travel in Russian trains and tiny aircrafts but we all managed very well and the shows were terrific.

There was a change in the line-up with Phil Lanzon from Uriah Heep at the keyboards as a special guest for this tour. So special thank you to him for being a great support during the whole tour!

The fans of The Sweet could enjoy the mixture of the old hits and the new songs - "Hell raiser", "Funny, Funny", "Set me free", "Fox on the Run", "Action", "Poppa Joe", "Everything" and many more.

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