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The legendary DEEP PURPLE in Samara

March 23, 2002 | Samara

Russian tour of Deep Purple. 19 -25th of March 2002

Deep Purple came to Russia with its brilliant artists Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, John Lord, Ian Paice and Steve Morse. Alongside with the old hits they also performed compositions from their new albums.

Report on Samara Concert (“Reporter” newspaper ?133. 29.03.2002)

Deep Purple in 30 years time.

Even a couple of years ago it was almost impossible for Samara people to believe in what happened on the 23d of March 2002. Deep Purple came to the city. The journalists were given the chance to meet the artistes and ask all the questions they had. After 2 hours of expectation they were finally invited to the press room.

The rock stars did look or behave like ordinary people with no pathos which the journalists were so used to while communicating with some Russian stars. One thing that attracted everyone’s attention was very bright colored clothes of Ian Gillan. He was wearing a blue shirt and bright red jeans, the rest of the group were dressed in a traditional rock style.
During 40 minutes of interaction the artists said that they got a very pleasant impression of the tour in Russia. Ian Gillan shared his secret of keeping the voice in the excellent condition. It turned out to be very simple: all you need to do is to drink the same sort of whiskey all your life. The female fans were really glad to find out that it’s quite probable to hear a new song “A woman from Russia” or “A woman from Samara” in the nearest future.

Even very high prices for the tickets didn’t keep the fans from the chance to see the rock-n-roll legend alive. At least if in a parterre you could (not without an effort though) find an empty seat, the cheaper sectors were packed with people. The audience ranged from people who grew up with the songs of Deep Purple to hundreds of young fans.

The show, as had been expected, was a tremendous success! Many Russian stars could learn a lot from Deep Purple. The artistes walked onto the stage straight after the concert started, no “warming up” bands or whatsoever.
It was really interesting to watch how many respectable and not very young people forgot their ranks trying to sing along and dance. They were back in their youth where Deep Purple took them.

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