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The concert of Scorpions

March 23, 2002 | Russia

Scorpions nowadays include: Klaus Meine -vocal, Rudolf Shenker – guitar, Matthias Jabs – solo guitar, Ralph Rieckermann – bass guitar, James Kottack – drums.

Russian tour of the Scorpions.

In October 2002 a famous German rock group Scorpions had a tour around 14 cities of Russia.

According to its organizers it was the first time when a group with a worldwide fame like Scorpions had such a long tour in Russia, covering almost all regions: from Vladivostok to Rostov. The group presented the show “The Best of Scorpions”.

For Samara it was a big event and the tickets were sold out long before the concert.

Here are some impressions of a reviewer who came to see Scorpions in Samara:

“Before the concert I felt really excited. Scorpions started their career in the 70th when I was a child and for me it was especially interesting to see how they’ve changed and whether the time had affected their music. But just as the concert started the whole atmosphere changed into something I had never seen before. You know the feeling when the concert really hits you and all you want to do is to scream, shout, and dance! Something really strange was happening around. People were singing along, hundreds of lighters were “floating” and it all looked like an ocean in the storm.

I couldn’t call myself a huge fan of rock music but when I was listening to Scorpions I could barely breathe. Most people who were there could afford expensive tickets but couldn’t afford to relax. It took them at least half an hour to let it go and start screaming and singing along too. With the first sounds of “Wind of change” the audience exploded. Everyone, literally every single person was singing! It was one of the last songs in the concerts and after almost 2 hours I still had a feeling it only lasted a moment….”

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