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Joe Cocker in Samara

June 24, 2002

His first tour around Russia was dedicated to the release of the new album “Respect Yourself”.
Joe Cocker gave an interview to Samara journalists and was really friendly and relaxed.
-Your new album is called “Respect Yourself”. Does it have any special meaning?
- After 35 crazy years of my life I realized it is time to take care of myself. So I think “Respect Yourself” is a very good way to address people.
- Why do you think are you more popular in Europe than in the States, the motherland of R&B?
- Frankly speaking I don’t know the answer to this question myself. I am the white person who plays black music. I guess in Europe people understand better how the white person can do that.
- Is there a song that you wrote which is especially dear to you?
- Unfortunately I don’t think I am good at writing the songs and don’t really like any of them. Randy Newman is another story. He is the best! I love singing his songs.
- And your favorite artist?
- There are many artists whom I really respect but the great blind bluesman Ray Charles has always been my favorite artist.
- What is your attitude to religion?
- I don’t go to church. I believe there is Someone up there. Want to call him God? No problem let it be so.
- Would you like to quit your singing career and do something else?
- Music and singing are the only things that I can do well. Of course, sometimes I wish I could paint but unfortunately I can’t.
- Weren’t you at all afraid to come with a concert to Samara?
- Well, of course I was a bit afraid. Though I was told “Deep Purple” were here not long ago, so it’s all right. I have a very good attitude to Russia that’s why I come here with my concerts. And every time it’s easier to organize them.
- What will you take from Samara as a souvenir?
- I am the singer and on the first place I will take the feeling of contact with the audience.
- What will you especially remember about Samara?
- I really like nature and was so touched when I saw here the same flowers I have near my house in Colorado.

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