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Mora Godoy and Tango Odisea. Russian Tour 2008.

April 2008

RusFil Event Agency has organized a Russian leg of the tour with Mora Godoy’s Tango Odisea incorporating 7 shows in different Russian cities from The Far East to The Tatarstan:

  • 12th of April – Vladivistok
  • 14th of April – Khabarovsk
  • 16th of April – Novosibirsk
  • 18th of April – Yekaterinburg
  • 20th of April – Ufa
  • 21st of April – Samara
  • 22nd of April - Kazan

Mora Godoy is the most prestigious dancer and chorographer of the Argentinean Tango. Her choreographies are sensual, traditional, but also new breaking all stereotypes.

She is not only an outstanding Artiste but also a terrific person. Working with Mora on tour was a real pleasure. Mora is a real professional, a very balanced person and fun to work with. Without a doubt her being a prima, leader, and the key figure of the company made it very important for the rest of the company.

It was the first time for the company to travel so deep into Russia as Far East and Siberia. Some cultural differences mostly regarding the travel did come as a bit of a shock to the Artistes but everyone was very positive about the experience – be it either a 9-hour flight, 24-hours train journey or 12-hours bus trips.

The show Tango Odisea is composed by different musical pieces with amazing dance steps and orchestra solos. This musical is the result of mixture between tango and modern dance fused with the most sensual and exotic side of suburban tango, giving rise to eroticism.

In Tango Odisea a fusion between salsa and tango-milonga is included and a new musical piece inspired and specially created for the show.

We would like to thank all dancers, musicians and the crew for a great tour. Special thanks to our angel – Bianca Cervilla, Mora’s baby daughter who without a doubt added to the atmosphere of everyone being one big family!

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