We can help you to arrange your event in a highly professional way and invite practically any Foreign or Russian Artist.


They say there are three things which you can gaze for along time running water, burning fire and working person. Fire art can beeasily added tothis list.

Pyrotechnical shows.

We can offer you awide range offireworks from simple ones tobig shows.

We can offer you:

  • working out the scrip for the show;
  • computer modeling and ability topreview the shows atall stages;
  • special fireworks effects atthe concerts and presentations;
  • creation ofdynamic and static pyrotechnical figures;
  • creation ofthe glittering logos.

Fireworks may consist offountains, figures, waterfall effects, spinning wheels and vary according tothe clientstaste.

Confetti machines ofboth permanent action and impulse shooting are available for concert halls, street shows, night clubs and TVstudios. Confetti machines ofimpulse shooting are brought into action with the remote control and the height ofthe blow-out isupto15 meters which isimpossible toreach with the confetti machines ofpermanent action. Though, the latter can stay inaction without breaks for acertain period oftime. The quantity ofconfetti depends onseveral factors: the size ofthe platform, the type ofconfetti and the overall desired effect. The most popular shape ofconfetti isrectangles (different colours and materials are available). Still itisalso possible tomake any shape ofconfetti: circles, butterflies, hearts, stars, etc. The process ofshooting isabsolutely safe asitiscarried out with the air current ofCO2.

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